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Our volunteer mentors and coaches are all passionate about our industry and collectively have over 100 years in the industry to support our friends, colleagues across the pilot community. Whether you are considering joining our fantastic industry, are in training, have recently qualified or you are experienced in your role our team will provide support, guidance and connection where they can. None of us professes to be experts. 


WE are not about casting opinions. We are about championing best practices and signposting useful resources to suit your needs. If we can’t help, we will do our best to find someone who aligns with your needs.

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Looking for mENTORING?

Not sure how mentoring or coaching can help you? Click here for some examples and a bit of an explanation. Look out for our trained Mental Health First Aiders with this logo. If you have any questions, or would like some help choosing your mentor or coach, please get in touch. Click Meet Your Mentor.

AN insightful interview with Michelle Wescott, a licensed professional counselor specializing in aviation psychology.

Watch Captain O's exclusive interview with Michelle Westcott where Michelle provides practical advice for those in the aviation community and their families.

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Dr. Tiger Describes steps you can take today to reduce stress in your life.

Watch Captain O's exclusive interview with Dr. Robyn Tiger, of the "Stress Free MD Podcast."

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