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Piloting 2 Wellbeing (P2W) is focused on providing a new vision of aviation safety, performance, and learning that focuses on more than how to operate an aircraft. We serve the aviation industry, airlines, aviation universities, and schools in implementing a holistic, supportive, and practical training experience to create a safer and more sustainable aviation environment.

Like most in our industry, P2W believes in the 8 core components in aviation. What makes P2W different, however, is that we also believe in the 9th foundational component – that wellbeing is key in today’s aviation industry. In fact, we view wellbeing as a vital characteristic for pilots to have; it must be much more than a ‘buzz word’ in airline recruitment and training.

Our mission is to provide a new vision of aviation safety.

To do so, we focus upon three main elements: Wellbeing, Competency, and Diversity.

Pilot - Foundation

At P2W our main focus is on what we belive to be the 9th core competency: a holistic sense of WELLBEING. Without this foundational building piece, the remaining 8 core competencies are affected. We believe that wellbeing is developed by improving the way we meet and manage professional stress through our way of living.



COMPETENCY (or Evidence Based) Training for pilots has been widely adopted within our industry. P2W is helping current and NextGen pilots develop, embed, and sustain aviation competencies through mentoring and signposting relevant resources.

We honor the DIVERSITY within the aviation industry, airlines, aviation universities and schools, and seek to serve these diverse populations with holistic, supportive, and practical resources that create safer and more sustainable aviation environments.


From day one, our powerful approach begins the process of delivering pilots who possess a better understanding of themselves and the aviation sector, as well as how to manage their lives and wellbeing in a holistic way.

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