Self care challenge

As we evolve in our careers and personal lives, many of usdon’t develop adequate tools to manage our mental health.

Piloting2Wellbeing is pleased to offer a complimentary, 3 day self care challenge for professionals seeking to more fully care for their whole selves.

Good self care involves more than just taking care of our physical bodies or managing our nutrition. It actually includes mind and spirit as well, and requires a holistic approach. This is especially important if you’re engaged in a high-stress, high-performance career; the more you’re asking of yourself, the more important it becomes to care for yourself well.

Ready to uplevel your self-care approach?

Our 3 day self care challenge is delivered straight to your inbox, and provides tangible, self-care strategies that you can use to take your wellbeing to the next level.

Dr. Kelly provides an in-depth look at what makes women physiologically unique.

Watch Captain O's exclusive interview with hormone expert Dr. Kelly Casperson, bestselling author of "You Are Not Broken."

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