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Another Runway Incident - in Austin

Incident: Fedex B763 and Southwest B737 at Austin on Feb 4th 2023 (Hear Audio)

Runway Incident - In Hawaii

FAA To Hold Safety Summit In March on what some say are signs the system is weakening.

Sleeping in the Cockpit

Why allowing pilots to sleep in the cockpit might improve airline safety.

Depression, Anxiety, and the FAA

Having a mental health diagnosis in your medical record is not automatically disqualifying..

Healthcare Avoidance

Study on healthcare avoidance behavior in pilots related to fear of aeromedical certificate loss.

Single-Pilot Commercial Flights?

Is commercial aviation getting closer to flights that include single-pilot operations?

Pilot Anxiety

The issue of pilot healthcare anxiety when experiencing chest pain


Masculinity and Barriers to Seeking Counseling: The Role of Self-Compassion


There is a dearth of trait emotional intelligence (trait EI) research within aviation.

Suicidal Thoughts

Airplane pilot mental health and suicidal thoughts: a study via anonymous web-based survey.

Pilot Fatigue

Pilot fatigue remains a high concern as carriers try to recapture revenue.


Recovery does not equal sobriety. Recovery at its core is Resilience in the face of adversity.

Vitamin M

Study: Is Melatonin the cure for your sleep problems - Harvard Health®


Gut Feelings–the "Second Brain" in Our Gastrointestinal Systems - Scientific American®

A Qualitative Study

The Impact of Work on Pilot's Personal Relationships Explored
in recent study.

Enjoying Nature may Lessen Medications

Going for a walk in a park or along a lake or a tree-lined space may reduce the need for medication.

Dr. Tiger Describes steps you can take today to reduce stress in your life.

Watch Captain O's exclusive interview with Dr. Robyn Tiger, of the "Stress Free MD Podcast."

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