Four Ways to Live Agelessly

"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” -David Bowie

I see every birthday as a blessing. I own my age and that has allowed me to step into the fullness of my life. I don’t deny a single moment of my life, the marvelous to the disastrous. Instead, I recognize what I’ve gained, the wisdom, the beauty, and the experience. 

It hasn’t always been that way. As we age, our bodies change, and not only is that evident in the mirror,  we can feel it. For me, this awareness was a gradual reminder of my getting older. And as I watched these milestones pass, I realized that while I was focused on my body, I was missing the trueness of my life. 

It’s taken me some time to get here, but I’ve learned to celebrate every moment with vibrancy. Regardless of my age, I am alive – here and now – to love and be loved, and to lead the highest quality of life I can, personally AND professionally. 

So, what does it mean to live agelessly? It means to be aware of the present moment and allow it to open you to its joy. When you shift your perception to the here and now, you engage more fully in your life no matter your age. 

The world bombards you with pictures of youth and beauty, rendering the two as inseparable and robbing you of your perceived vitality. In fact, you may see good health as a youthful trait. Now that you’re older, you may think that you are beyond good health or vitality or perhaps even beyond true beauty.

Of course, none of that is true. You might even recognize it intellectually, but the thoughts of aging are there. Remember, that’s all they are, they’re thoughts. Thoughts are your stories made up through your experiences, perhaps what you’ve read, what you’ve been told. But you can do something about it. You can train your mind to see things differently.  

Change the way you talk to yourself
 – Have compassion. When you speak to and of yourself in a positive way, you alter your own self-perceptions. These affirmative feedback loops empower instead of diminish, and they resonate within your mind and body cells.

Engage in your passions
 – Find what interests you and glom onto it like a magnet. When you are busy with what you love to do, you more easily live in the moment. Whether it’s the pursuit of personal betterment or a cause that speaks to you, feed those passions.

Live in joy
 – When you remember to celebrate every moment and recognize yourself in those moments, it is hard to not see the joy in life.  

Spend time with those you love – Life is too short to associate with people who bring you down. Think of it this way. You and the people most dear to you both love the person you are now. How empowering is that?  

Do these things, and age is no longer a concern. Instead, you’ll find yourself living agelessly. 



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