may, 2022

24mayAll DayDo a Self-Care activity

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There are many self-care activities that are part of developing well-being. These actiivies cost little or no money, involve minimal effort, and require no new learning. As silly or foreign as a few may seem, they really do work! All you need to do is to give yourself permission to do them. Start with the ones that speak to you, that you believe will give you the greatest joy or that may tap into your flow. I think you’ll find the results immediate and rewarding.

What are you waiting for?

Today’s tips:

  • Walk outside and notice nature
  • Go for a leisurely bike ride
  • Hold hands with a loved one
  • Drink herbal tea or coffee in your favorite cup in silence
  • Get a massage
  • Call a friend
  • Give a hug to a loved one
  • Listen to an inspirational talk
  • Buy fresh flowers for yourself
  • Quiet your mind with relaxation techniques

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