may, 2022

29mayAll DayCelebrate Your Wins

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Have you ever noticed that we live in a culture that is go-go-to?

Have you ever noticed how the minute you accomplish one thing, your head is already looking for the next thing to do?

It’s so easy to forget to stop and celebrate your little wins in life. We live in a society where constantly achieving the next thing is revered. It’s a badge of honor. You’re always off, moving, pushing forward onto your next goal, your next win, the next thing on your list.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone else. But the awesomeness I feel when I do take that moment — even if it’s a small break — is always mind blowing with the amount of joy and relief I feel. And I truly believe the Universe hands us more when we appreciate what we have – where we are, right at this moment.

And when we don’t?

We find the struggle so much harder.

So, let’s take the time to stop, take a moment to breathe, to enjoy, appreciate, and feel gratitude for our wins as we move on to why it’s so important to celebrate them

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